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About The Project

‘West Norwood Cemetery: A New Beginning’ is a National Lottery Heritage Fund project that seeks to conserve the cemetery’s magnificent landscape and built structures, as well as offer new experiences and facilities to increase community use.

Extensive public consultation and a close working partnership with the Friends of West Norwood Cemetery helped to inform the project proposals, which include the conservation of historic monuments, improved visitor amenities and additional pedestrian access to encourage more use and overall appreciation of this wonderful Lambeth asset. 

A diverse activities plan has been developed to provide members of the public with learning opportunities and to help support a volunteering programme. It will also inform digital and interpretation materials, designed to unlock the extensive heritage of the cemetery and tell the stories of those who lay within, from local residents to household names such as Mrs Isabella Beeton, Sir Henry Doulton, Baron Julius Reuters and Sir Henry Tate.

The overall aim of the project is to safeguard this significant cemetery for future generations to enjoy and explore.

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